Deployment—Make Predictions Tab

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Deployment—Make Predictions Tab

In order to realize the true value of DataRobot, you need to generate predictions against your models; this is a process commonly referred to as Model Deployment.

This post covers Make Predictions (aka drag-and-drop or GUI scoring).


Make Predictions

Make Predictions is a common method for scoring data. For data scientists, this is useful for model validation or ad-hoc scoring. For analysts and executives, this is useful for monthly/quarterly scoring.

This method allows for scoring against the initial project data or via a new dataset that was uploaded via the UI.

One tip is using Optional Features when you would like to include additional columns in your predictions, such as an ID column or the actuals on your training data.

More Information

If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Make Predictions tab.

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