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Phase 1 of the DataRobot Community is here!
Notice the community looks a bit different? See changes to the home page and navigation? We made some pretty big changes so that you can quickly get to to the help you need and information you want. Check out details of the Phase 1 changes. And have a peak at the roadmap for the upcoming UI/UX changes.

New to DataRobot? Check out all the resources to help you get going quickly! See the quick index for Knowledge Base Resources and quick index for Learning Sessions to find links to some great learning content.

DataRobot Release 6.3 has arrived!

Check out all the great new features. To make sure you get a chance to hear about all the changes and ask your questions, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) put together and presented a DataRobot Release 6.3 webinar. Check it out on-demand, and let us know if you are looking for more details!
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