Welcome to Using Python with DataRobot!

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Welcome to Using Python with DataRobot!

This landing page will help you get started using the datarobot Python package to interact with DataRobot. You can import data, build models, evaluate metrics, and make predictions right from the console.

There are several advantages to interacting with DataRobot programmatically:

  • You can set up a series of tasks and walk away while DataRobot and Python do the rest.
  • You can get more customized analyses by combining the power of Python with the various outputs you can get from DataRobot.
  • You can more easily reproduce prior results with code.

View the full documentation for the datarobot Python package here.

Code samples

You can access code samples from our DataRobot Community public GitHub. This section lists the currently available samples and provides links to the related GitHub locations.

Different DataRobot API Endpoints

The API endpoint you specify for accessing DataRobot is dependent on the deployment environment, as follows:

API Highlights

DataRobot API highlights to check out.

API Training
Prediction Explanations Clustering
Advanced Feature Selection
Time Series Model Factory
Model Factory with Readmissions Dataset
Lithofacies and One vs Rest with DataRobot

Initiating Projects

Learn how to get started with Python and DataRobot by importing data and starting a project.

Starting a Binary Classification Project
Starting a Multiclass Classification Project
Starting a Regression Project
Starting a TIme Series Project
Starting a Project with Selected Blueprints

Advanced tuning and Partitioning

Learn how to customize components of the modeling process. 

Advanced Tuning
Datetime Partitioning

Model Evaluation

Learn how to export and visualize key metrics for evaluating and interpreting your models. 

Getting Confusion Chart
Getting Feature Impact
Getting Lift Chart
Getting Partial Dependence Plot
Getting ROC Curve
Getting Word Cloud

Compliance Docs

Learn how to download full documentation files for the models you created.

Getting Compliance Documentation

Feature Lists Manipulation

Learn how to manipulate feature lists and do advanced feature selection.

Advanced Feature Selection
Feature List Manipulation
Transforming Feature Types

Making Predictions

Learn how to make predictions in DataRobot from Python.

Getting Predictions with Prediction Explanations
Scoring Big Datasets—Batch Prediction API

Model Management

Learn how to manage and monitor your models.

Model Management and Monitoring
Uploading Actuals to a DataRobot Deployment
Sharing Projects

Helper Functions

A list of ready-to-use helper functions that will help you solve common problems fast.

Helper Functions

Use Cases

Explore end-to-end use cases that integrate Python and DataRobot.

Hospital Readmissions
Medical Claims Fraud
Lead Scoring on e-Commerce Data
Lead Scoring on Bank Marketing Data
Predicting COVID-19 at the county level
Model Factory with Readmissions Dataset
Double Pendulum with Eureqa Models
Lithofacies and One vs Rest with DataRobot

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