Where can I find my API key?

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Where can I find my API key?

API keys are the preferred method for authenticating web requests to the DataRobot API and Prediction API. You can simply post the API key into the request header, and the application identifies you as a user. All DataRobot API endpoints use API keys as a mode of authentication.

You can register and manage (name, create, and delete) multiple API keys within DataRobot. 

Accessing API Keys

Click on your user icon in the top right corner and navigate to the Developer Tools page.


The Developer Tools page lists your previously created API keys and provides a variety of options.


Managing API Keys

The Developer Tools page provides tools for using and managing the API keys: 

  • Search (1) the list of API keys by name or date created.
  • Create (2) a new key.
  • Copy (3) a key to your clipboard to paste elsewhere (contents are blurred out in this image).
  • Edit (4) the name of a key.
  • Delete (5) a key.

Also, from the Developer Tools page:

  • Access (6) the documentation (API REST and client docs, community GitHub, and developer portal).

Each individual key has three pieces of information:

Where can I find my API key-3.png

  • The name of the key (1), which you can edit.
  • The date the key was last used (2). Newly created and not yet used keys will display “Wasn’t used.”
  • The key name (3).

- Updated November 2020

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