Why can't I add more workers?

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Why can't I add more workers?

The worker queue is displayed on the right side section of the DataRobot application. Workers are responsible for managing data and computing EDA. If you cannot add more workers (i.e., the workers are “stuck”), check for the following.


Check if workers are "stuck" in another project

To make sure your workers are not stuck in another project, navigate to the Manage Projects page. 


Then look for queued projects. For example, in the below image, a total of 17 workers are stuck for two queued projects. 


(Note that you can use Filter Projects to find queued projects quickly.)


If you find a project with queued workers, you can select to stop processing the Worker Queue (i.e., click Remove all Tasks). This removes all in-progress or queued models, and ends the modeling process.


If this doesn’t release stuck workers, try deleting those “running or queued” projects.


Check if all workers are being used by others

Your organization has a shared pool of workers that are distributed to users on a first-come, first-served basis. If other users in your organization are using the workers you will not be able to use them until the currently processing tasks complete.

More information

If you’re a licensed DataRobot customer, search the in-app Platform Documentation for Worker Queue.

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