Normalizing for monotonicity

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Normalizing for monotonicity

To normalize or not to normalize, that is the question

Robot 1:

Got some questions about monotonicity (I've been testing models heavily with such constraints). Would appreciate any answers or documentation that can help.


"When we apply monotonic Increasing/Decreasing constraints to attributes, is DataRobot doing some kind of normalization (capping & flooring, binning etc.)? Also, when we apply try only monotonic models, will it try GBM, XGBOOST, RF etc.?

Thanks for the help!

Robot 2:

No normalization that I know of and just xgboost and gam. You don't really need to normalize data for xgboost models.


Robot 3:

For docs you can check out how to configure feature constraints and then the workflow to build them.  And here's an ELI5 answer to "what does monotonic mean?"


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