Code Generation—Predictions with Scoring Code

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Community Team
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(Part of an MLOps learning session series.)

Machine learning use cases are all unique, and model deployment doesn't have a "one-size-fits-all" solution. DataRobot provides some incredibly flexible and scalable APIs for deploying models, but what can you do if that approach doesn't fit your needs?

In this session we'll explore DataRobot's exportable scoring code and several ways you can integrate these models into your data pipelines to achieve real operational value.

Some topics we'll cover:

  • When it makes sense to use scoring code vs the prediction APIs
  • The basic internal structure of the scoring code packages
  • Basic scoring functionality
  • Scoring large datasets via Spark
  • Custom integration, including MLOps


  • Brent Hinks (DataRobot, AI Engineer)
  • Rajiv Shah (DataRobot, Customer Facing Data Scientist)
  • Jack Jablonski (DataRobot, AI Success Manager)

Now what?

After watching the learning session, you should check out these resources for more information.

DataRobot Community:

DataRobot licensed customers: search in-app Platform Documentation for Scoring Code and Batch Prediction API.

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