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Iterate Fast by Cloning Projects

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Iterate Fast by Cloning Projects

Analyzing and modeling a single dataset can be an iterative process, which is why cloning a DataRobot modeling project can come in handy. 

Instead of navigating to the AI Catalog, finding a dataset, and launching a new project, try cloning an existing project if you want to model the same dataset differently. If you’ve created a project using a dataset not found in the AI Catalog (e.g., you launched a project quickly using a local file), the same trick still applies. 

To clone a project, click the Duplicate Project button from the Manage Projects control center, or you can clone the current project from the short menu (pictured below). You’ll have the option to “Copy dataset and project settings” or “Copy dataset only.” The settings refer to the Advanced Setting of the modeling project. Feature lists will be copied with either selection. Once you create the clone, you’ll have the ability to select a new target and start the modeling process over again. 



Need more help? See the documentation.

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