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Can’t access your DataRobot Account?

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Can’t access your DataRobot Account?

If you are having difficulty signing in to DataRobot Community, DataRobot University, or AI Cloud Platform Trial, this post will address common questions.

What credentials exist to access DataRobot?

When you sign up for DataRobot AI Cloud Platform Trial (, the following DataRobot services become available using the same login credentials:

If you signed up first for DataRobot Community or DataRobot University, you will gain access to the DataRobot AI Cloud Platform Trial after you have verified your email address. 

Enterprise users, see the section below.

Are you an enterprise customer? 

If you use DataRobot's enterprise offerings (DataRobot-managed or customer-managed AI Cloud), your account may also provide access to DataRobot Community and DataRobot University. Please see these upcoming login changes that will enable a single sign-on experience across the DataRobot application, DataRobot Community, and DataRobot University. 

If you normally log in to DataRobot from an on-premise installation, then you have legacy access credentials. These were provisioned by your organization and are not equivalent to the credentials used for DataRobot Community or DataRobot University. You will need to create a separate account that will provide access to DataRobot Community and DataRobot University.

Are you signing in from the correct AI Platform?

Assuming you have the correct email and password combination, please make sure that you are logging in to the appropriate version of the DataRobot AI Platform:

  1. Users who signed up for an account on their own must log in to the application from
  2. Enterprise customers with DataRobot Managed AI Cloud (US or EU) who were provisioned by an admin must log in to the application either from or
  3. Enterprise customers with an on-premise installation must log in to their internal installation.

If you attempt to log in to the wrong URL, your credentials will not be recognized (including password resets).

How do I sign in with Google or add two-factor authentication?

Once you have created a DataRobot Account with a username and password, you can opt-in to add your Google Account or set up two-factor authentication (2FA) from, as shown in the image below. For more information about 2FA, please see our documentation on the topic.


Can I sign up for a DataRobot Account with any email address?

We do not accept generic or anonymous email addresses, such as,, etc.,  for a DataRobot Account. We require that you use a business email.

Have you checked these technical issues?

If these steps haven't worked and you're still having issues, try the following:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser, which DataRobot recommends for the best user experience.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies and try accessing the domain again.

Are you in an office or public environment? There may be a firewall blocking the website from being accessed. Try using a different network to access the site to see if that resolves your issues.

Get more assistance

If you're specifically having problems logging in to the DataRobot AI Cloud Platform Trial, have a look at this Tip of the Day for additional troubleshooting.

If the above guide did not answer your question(s), please contact Support. We are happy to resolve your issue so you can resume your work.

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