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Get More From Models: Build an AI App in 10 Minutes or Less

Get More From Models: Build an AI App in 10 Minutes or Less

Did you know you can use model insights to drive smarter business decisions? The No Code AI App Builder makes it easier and faster than ever. How fast? Try 10 minutes. 

Here’s how.

From the Applications menu, choose the template for the app you want to create: Predictor, What-if, or Optimizer. Then, when prompted, select the data you want to use for making predictions, either deployment data or training data. There’s one additional step if your dataset is not already part of AI Catalog. If this is the case, head to the Consume page and upload your prediction dataset. 


That's it! This is how quickly you can build an app that you can share with your colleagues who want to make predictions.

Now, ready to extend your app beyond the basics?

Drag and drop widgets in your app, for example, to build charts focused on interesting custom KPIs. You can quickly build a UI that shows the impact of individual features and their values for every prediction made. See the public documentation for details on using widgets to build UIs for your apps.



You can use the What-if and Optimizer widget to check out details for any given prediction coming in. Using this widget enables you to configure Optimizer and/or What-if scenarios to create the simulations and scenarios that you’re interested in exploring.


When your configuration is complete, you and your end users can use it to assess new predictions. Go to the Consume page to see new predictions coming in. You can click a prediction to view its details, Prediction Explanations, create simulations and scenarios (via the Optimizer and What-if widget), and more. See the documentation for all the details about consuming applications.

You can build very simple apps, highlighting just a few features, to complex apps with numerous scenarios, simulations and charts, giving your end users the best, most informative experience. I encourage you to test out building your own apps. Like this tip? Please give it a kudos and let me know what you think!

Colleen Wilhide

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