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Our team is excited to introduce DataRobot Core, a comprehensive offering that broadens its AI Cloud platform for code-first data science experts. 

DataRobot Core brings together a complete portfolio of purpose-built capabilities that give data scientists ultimate flexibility in how they deliver AI to the business, enabling faster experimentation and rapid time to value while making teams more efficient and effective at driving clear business impact from AI:

  • Platform: Unified environment with first-class, embedded and multilanguage notebook experience; Composable ML to seamlessly pivot between code-first and automated model generation; code-centric pipelines on top of Apache Spark; and an open API to enable programmatic access to the full AI Cloud platform, built for the modern enterprise with support for the reliability, governance, compliance to address the needs of every industry.
  • Resources: Extensive portfolio of accelerators, third-party integrations, and libraries to expedite AI delivery and drive efficiency, along with evolving education resources to advance skills and enable data scientists to stay at the cutting edge.
  • Community: Shared knowledge and access to the unique expertise of the DataRobot team, industry experts, and thousands of community members from DataRobot customers and partners, representing some of the largest and most successful AI implementations in the world.

For Data Scientists, By Data Scientists

Designed for how Data Scientists work and built to empower them to best deliver impact for the business. Combined with essential tools and solutions, best practices, and continuous education to support you in this rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Flexibility and Control 

Build with your preferred tools and languages. Access powerful code-first notebooks with Python, R, Scala, Spark, and SQL support. Innovate and experiment fast with the DataRobot AI Cloud platform while focusing on delivering unique insights from any data.

Efficiency and Focus

Enable data scientists to focus on key strategic initiatives and eliminate the distractions and time commitments of low-level details to drive insights that create business impact. Focus on data science, not deploying and managing infrastructure. Deliver AI projects with increased velocity by infusing automation into key tasks.


Data science is a team sport, and collaboration is at the core of any great team. DataRobot Core allows you to quickly code your notebooks, collaborate, and share projects among your data science team, and deliver insights to your business stakeholders in a simple way.

Single Platform 

Bring new levels of efficiency and power to data scientists all on the fully unified DataRobot AI Cloud platform. Quickly share and handoff projects between teams and easily access capabilities for centralized management and monitoring capabilities, compliance, and continuous optimization.

Product Capabilities For Advanced Data Scientists 

We embedded a comprehensive list of product capabilities at every stage of the AI lifecycle to provide you with a seamless experience in one single platform.

Data Prep: Wide range of data engineering best practices, automated with custom-coded pipelines 

ML Development: Accurate models in a fraction of time with full customization and flexibility to experiment

Model Deployment and Operations: One-click flexible deployment to the environment of your choice, lifecycle management, and automated retraining 

  • One-click deployment to the environment of your choice (Managed AI Cloud, On-Premise AI Cluster, Private AI Cloud, and Hybrid AI Cloud)
  • Flexible consumption and deployment options (REST API, writeback, batch, and applications)
  • Centralized monitoring, management, governance, and alerting for models deployed anywhere
  • Continuous AI framework with automated retraining, challenger models, and model comparison
  • Automatic compliance documentation and project reports

Education and Resources 

Access a vast library of tools, accelerators, and third-party integrations to accelerate your delivery of AI to production. Expert-level curriculum from DataRobot University delivers continuous education and skills development to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Learn more about DataRobot Core or join the conversation and ask your questions here in the DataRobot Community by replying to this post.

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