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Quick and Simple Data Visualization in Zepl Notebooks


Quicker data visualization means quicker insights which leads to optimized programming and ultimately a better development experience. Zepl Notebooks provide a built-in data visualization tool to enable developers to quickly visualize their data without the hassle of code-based visualization libraries. The tool works the same no matter what language you are developing in within your Zepl Notebooks. 


Run Zepl’s built-in method with a Python, R, or Spark dataframe.





The output will default to a table format which simply displays each row in the dataframe.


There are a number of other visualization options at the top of the paragraph’s output window. Bar graphs, pie charts, scatterplots, and more!





The most flexible and customizable visualization option is available by clicking the last button of the toolbar: ‘Plotly Chart’. Then by clicking the ‘Plotly Chart Editor’ button to the right of it.








Many more chart types can be created with this editor. Click the ‘Trace’ option in the editor modal to start a new chart.





When we select the chart type we can see all the chart options available to visualize the data.





View more information about the Plotly Editor tool on our documentation page. No more writing dozens of lines of code to display a simple bar chart! 


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