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Create the BatchPredictions by Zepl

Create the BatchPredictions by Zepl


I've found this doc related to this subject:


Can we load snowflake data as source_url and do prediction in S3 and set destination_url by the s3 path in S3?


I know we can do it using UI, with source data coming from Snowflake and exporting the prediction result to S3, but can we do it with Zepl as well?






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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Yes. As long as the URL are accessible by Network (not restricted by firewall or IP addresses/port) you can perform sourcing via snowflake and perform predictions to output to S3 bucket

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

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In the docs, I found End-to-end scoring with Snowflake and End-to-end scoring of CSV files on S3. Are there any instructions for doing BatchPredictions  Score from Snowflake to S3?

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