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The best solution for managing your data science notebooks

DataRobot Alumni

The best solution for managing your data science notebooks

We have just what you need to manage your data science notebooks. DataRobot Zepl enables data scientists to do exploratory, code-centric work in Python, R, and Scala. With DataRobot Zepl, you get a single place for your entire team to collaborate securely, with unlimited scale and zero management.

Getting started running on DataRobot Zepl is fast and easy. The Getting Started guide (in the in-app Platform documentation) walks you through a complete DataRobot Zepl example—starting with your account sign-up and ending with running your first sample notebook connected to data in S3. Using data from the familiar Titanic disaster dataset, the sample notebook demonstrates how to run Python code, create visualizations, and connect to a Zepl data source. The guide also walks you through some other Zepl notebook features such as versioning, code snippets, and sharing.

Sign up for the free trial (30 days and for $500 in free credits) and then follow the Getting Started guide (in the in-app Platform documentation) to discover the easiest path to success with DataRobot Zepl.


If you get stuck anywhere along the way or have questions or feedback, please let me know (Comment here or PM me). I’m always happy to help!
- Zack (@zshainsky)

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