Data Limit Exceeded

Data Limit Exceeded


I'm trying to upload a dataset for image classification but I keep getting the error message:

Dataset exceeds the download limit of 200 MB.

Task ID=6897d7e6-6c74-453d-826b-beb58dfce7a4 Project ID=6165a2e80dc31ed6eca337b1

Skärmavbild 2021-10-12 kl. 17.26.58.png

My dataset is 157MB so the error doesn't really makes sense.


Any ideas? 

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Got it, thanks! 

Hey @abdiq.h, just a heads up if your on the trial (trial info) you would only be able to train on 100 MB of that data, could try reducing it to below that. 

It's 166,5 MB unzipped and 157MB zipped. 

Can you tell me more about your dataset?  Is it compressed data?  The limit applies to the decompressed size of the input set.