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how to successfully connect Data Robot to Big Query

how to successfully connect Data Robot to Big Query

I am lost.  The docs are difficult to follow and I'm not an oauth expert.  I created a Service Account Credential in BigQuery.  Then in DataRobot, I try creating a new Data Connection and select BigQuery. 


Do I need to fill out all the variables with my own values from my BigQuery Service Account key downloaded json data? (access token, client id, etc.)?  Or do these get completed during the Sign In flow where I enter my credentials?  I have tried the Sign in prompt and I always get a 401 error that the oauth client has been deleted.

Do I need to modify the address, the first blank which is pre-populated?

I've filled in the Project-id which starts with api-XXX


Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your experience and helping trial user !

For others in the future, this oauth connection is not supported in trial mode, hence the error I saw.

Thank you!  Yes, I get the "sign in with google" modal, then I click on it, then I see the 


401: deleted_client

The OAuth client was deleted.

I will check with support and look at the backend for errors which may help explain what is happening.


I expect you to get a "Sign in using Google" dialog pop up when you hit test connection.

Here is the data connections screen - where you add GCP project name.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 6.07.29 PM.png


and this should pop-up when you hit test.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 6.08.22 PM.png

You then go to the AI Catalog and select "add to catalog" choose "existing data connection" and then select your connection from the list. You may be asked to authenticate with Google again at that point.  After that you can snapshot the data and create projects from it.


I will email you directly and provide an update in this thread when we have resolved the issue.


Thank you so much for your response.  


When I enter just the project id in the Data Connection, then test connection, I get

Error 401: Client id deleted.

The OAuth client was deleted.
This occurs before I enter anything.  Where is it getting the client id it thinks it should use?


And a few more questions!  Thanks again.

1. Do I need to set up both the Database Credentials and the Connection?  Or can I just set up the Connection and enter my creds upon authentication?

2. If I set up the Database Credentials for BigQuery, I assume the json I should enter is the key downloaded from BigQuery with all the auth info?  I have tried this and then I try to associate it with a Connection and no available connections are shown even though I have added a BigQuery Connection in DataRobot.  Do you know why that would be?

DataRobot Alumni


I think you are very close.  The credentials and the data connections are managed separately.


First setup Data Connection - only need to change the project name as you have.


When you test the connection it will will follow the oauth flow and then associate the credentials with the connection.


What happens when you add the project name and run test connection?