Project Creation Limit Exceeded

Project Creation Limit Exceeded

Hi. I am a student working on my MSc Thesis and I have been using the DataRobot trial and Python API for running some benchmarks of Eureqa for the project, but I recently got the error message:

datarobot.errors.ClientError: 429 client error: {'message': 'You have exceeded your limit on the number of projects that can be created. Try again in 406602 seconds.'}

The code I am running is creating a project for each benchmark, but also deletes the project once the benchmark is complete, so I do not have many projects associated with my account and I think the error is because I seem to have created too many projects overall the past week similar to what another user experienced and described in the forum thread @

I was wondering if it would be possible to reset my project creation quota so I can run the remaining benchmarks I had planned? I don't have too many remaining benchmarks to run. Thank you for the help in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply and the help. I'm marking the issue as resolved 🙂

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Hi @spitfire -
Thanks for your question and for trying DataRobot. We're thrilled that you're finding the platform useful in supporting your thesis.
As you might expect, our trial isn't architected to support this type of usage pattern, so we're unable to sort of "flip a switch" and enable your usage pattern. I'm going to send you a community DM to see if there's another way to help you, so keep an eye out for that in your inbox.

Kristin from the AI Platform Trial Team