Trial login error

Trial login error



I get the "Signed in to identity provider successfully, but Portal account missing or invalid." after I log in through Google. I tried to sign up through email and it tells me I already have a Google login set up. Can you please help with this?



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@kfridrick   great thank you for your help

No need to be sorry @de - I realize I made things more confusing the first time, as I thought you were asking about the free AI Cloud Platform Trial credits (for usage in the product), but see you were asking about DataRobot University's Standard training subscription. My apologies


So: you're asking if you can use the trial version of the product to perform the hands-on activities of all the courses available with the Standard training subscription? Since the Standard subscription content covers all of the DataRobot products, the trial does not necessarily include all functionality introduced in the courses.


Does that help?

@kfridrick  Sorry for so many questions.  The credit gives you the free classes not the standard ones like Citizen Data Scientist Foundation Quest?



Hi @de -- Sorry for the delay here! Yes, taking the free starter courses on DataRobot University with your free AI Cloud Platform Credits is highly encouraged! The $500 worth of free credits are aimed at giving you enough bandwidth to understand how far credits can get you doing various types of actions within the platform. A DataRobot University course would be a great way to start that exploration and you should have plenty of credits to cover a getting started course. Let me know if you have further questions. 

@Linda   Thanks for the response.  Guess the question I have is can you take any of the standard DataRobot University classes with the trial?  I was trying to understand the $500 credit.  Thanks

Hi @de - It looks like you've already been using the AI Platform Trial -- are you not able to get into it right now? thx

I am having a similar issue.  I got email to validate email but I get an error message - There was an issue with your signup link.  when I try to validate it.




Hello @rwe9846


Thank you for reaching out regarding your similar issue. After looking at your email, I am not currently seeing an account under this email address. I'm going to direct message you so that I'm able to align on which email you were using to sign up and how we can get you all set-up for your trial account. 

Hi, I am having a similar issue, I have been waiting quite some time for my email with no luck, could you help please?  Thank you very much.

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Hi @gws01 ,


Thanks for reaching out! It looks like you need your unique URL that would have come to your email inbox after signing up for the trial. Don't worry, I have it for you and will send it to you right now via a direct message here in the Community. That should unblock you -- keep an eye out momentarily. 




AI Platform Trial Team