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Are you a business analyst? Here's something just for you!

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Welcome to DataRobot! I’m Karin Jenson, DataRobot’s Director of Business Analyst AI Success. I've designed for you the Business Analyst Experience, a guided tour of some of the ways you can use DataRobot to do your job faster and to dig deeper. This tour is the companion written resource to the series of videos available in the DataRobot AI Trial. While it was written for the trial version of DataRobot and the screenshots are from that version, the vast majority of it applies to the version that customers use.

Data scientists love DataRobot because it automates many routine data science tasks, but that same automation is what makes it possible for business analysts to level up their work with machine learning.

In this Business Analyst Experience, we use real data to walk through an example of how you can leverage AI to help your company make better decisions. I would encourage you to use this guide from beginning to end and then when you’re done, try out one of the other common use cases in the AI Platform Trial or DataRobot Pathfinder, or upload your own data. If you get stuck along the way, check out other resources in the community or ask your question: someone with a passion for ML and DataRobot will get back to you fast.

Ready? Get started with the Business Analyst Experience!

  1. Scope and Upload
  2. Evaluate Data and Select Target
  3. Gut Check the Recommended Model
  4. Consume New Insights
  5. Act and Share

And here's the Quick Index for Business Analysts, which is a compilation of some helpful community articles created just for you. If you have questions, please just post them here (click Reply), or send me a PM.

I'm looking forward to hearing from fellow business analysts on your DataRobot journey!

- Karin (@KarinAISD)

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