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Refresh ouath token while connecting to Snowflake

Refresh ouath token while connecting to Snowflake

I have successfully connected DataRobot to Snowflake using below steps


1. In connection, add new parameter authenticator and gave value as oauth

2. Add New parameter -> Token and give the access Token as value.

    Access token I have generated using curl commands in local.

3. In username gave my username

4. In password option I gave password


Now connection is established and everything looks good. However Access token will expire in half an hour and user will have to generate the access token again.


Is there a way in datarobot So that I dont have to re-enter my access token again again

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DataRobot Alumni

Hey @dandev sorry no one has dropped an answer for you here. Hoping someone can get back to you asap! In the meantime, any change in status on your side?

- linda

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @dandev ,

Snowflake OAuth access is not supported in DataRobot yet at this point, though we're actively working on it. 

Can you try removing token from the parameter and just use username and password to see if it works?

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Removing the token in oauth connection threw the error.

JDBC connect failed for [URL redacted]. Original error: Invalid OAuth access token. .


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Thanks for checking. So, it indeed requires OAuth token. In that case we need to wait for Snowflake SSO support. 

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@dandev is your identity provider a 3rd party (like Okta) or Snowflake itself?  Initiating an SSO connection elegantly from DataRobot is in development, so look for a smoother experience soon.


In the mean time, one solution you could go with is using a locally authenticated password in Snowflake.  If your Snowflake account has no password set and SSO is signed up, it will require entry come via it.  If you have a password set on the Snowflake account however, it could be used for the short term to establish connectivity to DataRobot more easily.

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