Need Help Finding Some Content?

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If you're here it may be because you're looking for an article, learning session, or video.


As the Community evolves to make it easier to collaborate with peers, get help solving use cases, and join interesting discussions, we've been busy moving articles and posts to other DataRobot user resources.

Have a look for yourself:

  • Public Documentation
    Information in a style that suits you best: Platform and API documentation, tutorials, notebooks, glossary, and more.
  • DataRobot University
    Practical data science education for solving business problems, with persona-based learning paths, a catalog of courses, and certifications. 
  • Community Github
    Python or R code samples and usage tips. (Also, see code examples in the documentation.)
  • DataRobot Pathfinder
    Marketplace of Solution Accelerators including Notebooks, AI Apps, Integrations, and more.

Something else?

Welcome to the DataRobot Community! Just getting started? Check out these resources:
• AI Cloud Platform Trial basics and FAQs.
Complete documentation, including tutorials for each stage of the modeling process.
Release announcements.
• Community guidelines and other resources.