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New to DataRobot and Simple Example Not Working 100%

New to DataRobot and Simple Example Not Working 100%

Hello everyone - my name is Zach Feinstein and I am the brand new Data Scientist at Orgill.

I am very pleased to meet everyone and I am new to DataRobot,

even though I have been working with Data Sciency [is that a word?] stuff for 25+ years.

Given that I am new to Data Robot I am also glad that I have joined Communities to figure some things out, like the following:



So I am going through the DataRobot U and wish to start simple with dong a basic forecast of some Time Series data. I downloaded the Unemployment .csv data and went through the following steps:

Project Creation

  1. Upload the dataset into DataRobot, using unemployment.csv.
  2. Enter the target, unem_rate
  3. Select Time Aware Modeling and select our date field. 
  4. Choose Automated time series forecasting and note that defaults settings have been pre-populated.
  5. Change the Forecast Distance to 1 to 6 months. 
  6. To avoid overlap of the Validation periods, you may need to change the Backtesting Gap Length – use a Gap Length of 5 months.
  7. Click the Start button, using "Quick" modeling mode, and increase your project workers.              

Please note that DR support told me that step #6 above is not super-important here.  Originally I could not get the Start button to work, but I think the support fixed that.

But now I cannot get closure on everything. Below is a screen shot of how it does all of the steps except for Analyzing the Features @ 99%:



What should I do? Any recommendations are welcome. You may reach me at my personal email = Will always be happy to chat, talk stats, and have fun with this stuff!



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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Dear ,


Thanks for your message and for posting to the DataRobot Community, we're here to help!


One small suggestion for your specific issue, have you tried refreshing the web page? Sometimes refreshing the web page helps with "stuck" UI visual elements with respect to the queue.


Furthermore, I was not able to reproduce the issue using the downloaded dataset unemployment.csv. Could you please make a new project using the same dataset, share a screenshot of your TS Advanced Options settings, and then kickoff Autopilot Quick?



Alex Shoop


Wow cool - thank you Alex! I feel confident to proceed in exploring it more. Please see below:


It took somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to run all of the models. Would you say that is about right?

Also note that I checked off the box to inform me of any answers and have not received any emails.

Thank you again.

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