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DATE in JSON Extract Does Not Import as DATE column type

DATE in JSON Extract Does Not Import as DATE column type

When we export a dataset from Paxata into JSON, the date is formatted as:

"TIMESTAMP" : "2019-03-25T04:38:46.449Z",

If we use that JSON as a data source, Paxata does not automatically recognize the format as a date value so it imports it as a text value. As a workaround, we are using a computed column with the DATEVALUE formula but it doesn't accept that string format. We're using the following:


Is there a way to address this either on the export or in the formula after import?
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Hello @ahatisTW

The date within the JSON file is represented as a String (" around the value) and as such will be interpreted as a String when importing the file in Paxata.

Your approach of using a computed column is correct, however the formula needs to be tweaked a bit:


Notice that the milliseconds are presented as SSS no ZZZ.

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JSON data files do not support Dates as native types. It does support
  • string
  • number
  • object
  • array
  • true
  • false
  • null
Our parser follows this standard and, as @ebarre states, we import the data as Strings.  


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