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How do I generate a REST API Token

Linear Actuator

How do I generate a REST API Token

Paxata offers a rich REST API framework exposing over 30 endpoints via the REST API.  It will allow you to do things like:

  • Load and/or update data files
  • Update Projects
  • Publish Answersets
  • Export data
  • Adjust guardrail settings
  • Perform audit tracking
  • Streamline resource allocation

In order to get a REST Token, you will need to speak to your Paxata Administrator and ensure that the role: Resource Admin has been applied to your account. Once in place, you can do the following to generate a token:


Please note the REST tokens will expire periodically. Take care with your REST Token. It is the same as your Username & Password combined.  If you think you have misplaced your token or have forgotten it, you can click on the Generate New link at any time to revoke the existing token and generate a new one.  

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