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Algorithmia ApiKey

Algorithmia ApiKey

Hi everybody!

I am sorry if this is a dummy question but I need some help. So, I've been studying some Algorithmia resources ( specificly).To learn it, I am developing a conceitual project but I can't get Algorithmia ApiKey because I dont have success on login Algorithmia portal with my DataRobot credentials.

Please, there are some different option to get this ApiKey? I tried to use Profile > Developer Tools > Custom Key in my code but I dont have success. Anyone could help me in this situation?

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hello bleiterafael,

Thank you for your interest in DataRobot.  Unfortunately, we discontinued provisioning new accounts on the  Algorithmia Marketplace a while ago, along with selling credits and providing support. 


You might want to look at the Documentation page for the algorithm to see more information on using Wikipedia for Python. -