Hi I have many date entries for the same day and I want to create features to see the sum of a certain variable per day. The feature just shows me "feature means", but not "feature sum". How can I create one that shows me the sum instead ? 


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@giulygalvans  DataRobot the AML platform is designed for model development and deployment whereas DataRobot Data Prep is the data preparation platform for feature engineering. 

If one wishes to use the Data Prep platform then one could sign up for the Data Prep I course (link below) for an overview of how one could perform a variety of advanced feature engineering tasks.




Then depending on their use-case (AML, OTV or Time-Series) the final unit of analysis can then be fed into the DataRobot AML platform for modeling.



Please check our tutorial video for Automated Data Prep for Time Series in the DataRobot 7.1 release notes. As shown in the video, you can try to do it by the interface, or you can switch to Spark SQL for full control over data preparation.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Data Scientist

Hi @giulygalvans , could you share some screenshots to see exactly where you are in the platform ? Thank you in advance !