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firstnonblank(@number1@, @number2@) doesn't work

firstnonblank(@number1@, @number2@) doesn't work

I got this error when using:

number1/FIRSTNONBLANK(number2, number3)


Expected Number type, got Text


DataRobot Paxata 2021.2 Release



Release: 2021.


Interface: 2021. - 2021.


Pipeline: 2021. - 2021.
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All numbers.

It does not work for formulae below:

@number1@ /FIRSTNONBLANK(@number2@ ,@number3@ )


But, work if calculated separately:

calc1 = FIRSTNONBLANK(@number2@ ,@number3@ )


calc2 = @number1@ /@calc1@@

Hi stephexcel2004

May I ask you to check if the number1\number2\number3 column types are numeric? Your error might happen due to non-numeric values, most commonly it happens when "Nan" - is a string value instead of missing one.
If this will not solve your problem - please reply here, and add some screenshots of columns EDA and error.