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Paxata data prep Output to external storage

Linear Actuator


Can I persist the output of Paxata data prep pipeline to Azure Data Lake or Azure SQL DB or MYSQL on Azure.

Similarly, Can I persist the target variable after calling the Paxata Predict function in Azure Data Lake or Azure SQL DB or MYSQL on Azure?

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @BJ ! 

Thank you for your questions.

You could add a Lens in the project after the prediction to publish to the Data Library. Any dataset in the data library could be exported to a number of datasources


If you wish to operationalize the whole process, it could be done with the Automatic Project Flows feature as it provides the ability to schedule and orchestrate the various dependencies and eventually export the outputs to external data sources in an automated manner. 


If your goal is to append data to an existing table in MySQL, this community article provides great guidance.