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Where do I find alpha for Elastic-Net?

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Where do I find alpha for Elastic-Net?



I am learning data science and running one of the time series DRU labs.


I see the top model as: Elastic-Net Regressor (L2 / Poisson Deviance) with Forecast Distance Modelling


Where do you see the alpha definition for this model in the UI?


I assume I see the coefficients under the tabs Describe>Coefficients tab of the model.


These items together from the model definition. 






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DataRobot Alumni

Hey there @FergDo  - Thank you for posting your question in the Community! Looks like both IraWatt and dalilaB replied with help. Are you set now? When you get a chance, please select the response(s) that helped you move forward (i.e., Accept as Solution) so others can find the right answer easily, OR reply with more info. Thank you!

- Linda

DataRobot Alumni

There are 2 ways to find out the alpha setting 

1. under  Evaluate/ Advance setting,  


2. As shown by my colleague above, under Describe/Blueprint, and then hover over and click on the elastic net box.  You can get information about the elastic net by clicking on DataRobot Model Docs




Hey @FergDo,

Not quite the same model you were looking at but if you go to Model->describe->blueprints then select the elastic net just before the prediction it should show the alpha value there and also allow you to edit it.