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Why I cannot find download from predict tab?

Why I cannot find download from predict tab?

there is no download button on my predict tab. why? Is it because I am a free user with limited functionality?

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If you need to get predictions, then open deployment, go to the "Predictions" tab, and follow the instructions there.
To become a full MLOps user one needs to buy the MLOps package.

then how to be a MLops user? I have deployed two models




Thanks for your update!
Now I understand the problem. So, the answer is yes, you have limited functionality, not because of free usage, but because you are not a user of MLOps which enables this tab and a lot more on the model deployment side.

here is the documentation:


here is my screenshot


there is no "download" button on my "predict" tab


May I ask you to provide more info on what happened? 
Maybe you can share some screenshots with your download button missing, where you expected it.