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ClientError: Project options for this project do not exist.

ClientError: Project options for this project do not exist.

Hi All,

I am new to DataRobot and I try to use API to train the model.

I am using this document. I was able to upload the dataset but it gives me error when I want to train the model. In the UI I see that the project is already successfully created and the dataset is uploaded. Any help would be appreciated.






# Use training data to build models
from datarobot import AUTOPILOT_MODE

# Set the project's target and initiate Autopilot (runs in Quick mode unless a different mode is specified)
project.analyze_and_model(target='mpg', worker_count=-1, mode=AUTOPILOT_MODE.QUICK)

# Open the project's Leaderboard to monitor the progress in UI.

# Wait for the model creation to finish

model = project.get_top_model()






ClientError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in ProjectOptions.get(cls, project_id)
   1028 path = f"projects/{project_id}/options/"
-> 1029 new_project_options = cls.from_location(path)
   1030 if new_project_options.project_id is None:
   1031     # Newly created projects return an empty json object, so we need to seed this
   1032     # new project options instance with the correct project_id

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in APIObject.from_location(cls, path, keep_attrs)
     47 @classmethod
     48 def from_location(cls: Type[T], path: str, keep_attrs: Optional[List[str]] = None) -> T:
---> 49     server_data = cls._server_data(path)
     50     return cls.from_server_data(server_data, keep_attrs=keep_attrs)

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in APIObject._server_data(cls, path)
     83 @classmethod
     84 def _server_data(cls, path: str) -> ServerDataType:
---> 85     return cls._client.get(path).json()

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\, in RESTClientObject.get(self, url, params, **kwargs)
    190 def get(self, url: str, params: Optional[Any] = None, **kwargs: Any) -> Response:  # type: ignore[override]
--> 191     return self.request("get", url, params=to_api(params), **kwargs)

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\, in RESTClientObject.request(self, method, url, join_endpoint, **kwargs)
    186 if not response:
--> 187     handle_http_error(response, **kwargs)
    188 return response

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\, in handle_http_error(response, **kwargs)
    364     exc_message = template.format(response.status_code, message)
--> 365     raise exception_type(exc_message, response.status_code, json=parsed_json)
    366 else:

ClientError: 404 client error: {'message': 'Not Found'}

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

ClientError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[22], line 5
      2 from datarobot import AUTOPILOT_MODE
      4 # Set the project's target and initiate Autopilot (runs in Quick mode unless a different mode is specified)
----> 5 project.analyze_and_model(target='mpg', worker_count=-1, mode=AUTOPILOT_MODE.QUICK)
      7 # Open the project's Leaderboard to monitor the progress in UI.
      8 project.open_in_browser()

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in Project.analyze_and_model(self, target, mode, metric, worker_count, positive_class, partitioning_method, featurelist_id, advanced_options, max_wait, target_type, credentials, feature_engineering_prediction_point, unsupervised_mode, relationships_configuration_id, class_mapping_aggregation_settings, segmentation_task_id, unsupervised_type, autopilot_cluster_list)
   1510     self.set_worker_count(worker_count)
   1512 aim_payload = self._construct_aim_payload(target, mode, metric)
   1514 self._load_autopilot_options(
-> 1515     opts=advanced_options if advanced_options else self._options, payload=aim_payload
   1516 )
   1517 if positive_class is not None:
   1518     aim_payload["positive_class"] = positive_class

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in Project._options(self)
    387 @property
    388 def _options(self) -> ProjectOptions:
    389     if self.__options is None:
--> 390         self.__options = ProjectOptions.get(
    391     return self.__options

File ~\.conda\envs\VZPredFin2\lib\site-packages\datarobot\models\, in ProjectOptions.get(cls, project_id)
   1035 except ClientError as ex:
   1036     # If we receive a 404, it's because this project doesn't exist in DataRobot yet.
   1037     if ex.status_code == 404:
-> 1038         raise ClientError(
   1039             "Project options for this project do not exist. "
   1040             "Please create a project in DataRobot first in order to retrieve the project's options.",
   1041             status_code=ex.status_code,
   1042         )
   1043     # If it's something other than a 404, the error needs to be raised to the
   1044     # user.
   1045     else:
   1046         raise ex

ClientError: Project options for this project do not exist. Please create a project in DataRobot first in order to retrieve the project's options.

DataRobot version: 3.1.0

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @KnowledgeExplorer , thanks for reaching out to the community and for your patience as we looked into this. I circulated your issue internally to see if we could provide some assistance - the team went through example steps and everything worked as expected in DR Notebooks.


Can you let us know if you are a Self-Managed AI Platform customer or if you use cloud so we can help you find the best solution?

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Hi, Thanks for the answer. I tried again and got the same error. Maybe you are using a different code.I am not sure which one aplies to me but I got access throught the company. Thanks.

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @KnowledgeExplorer,

It's possible that the version you are using is incompatible your SDK version. Here are a few steps you can take to help us narrow down the issue:


After the client has been initialized, check the API version of your install





We can also learn more about the instance you are using by reading the output of





Let us know what these come back with!

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Thanks for the answer. I got this output:

{'major': 2, 'minor': 28, 'versionString': '2.28'}
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Hi there, 

I have the same error and I'm not able to resolve it, some guidance would be appreciated



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Hi @melissa, thanks for the post.


Can you please confirm your version? If your output for:




returns 2.28, you might be using a newer version of the client that doesn't support your version. For v2.28, please try installing version 2.28 of the SDK with:

pip install "datarobot>=2.28,<3"

You can see the full list of available versions at Let us know if that works!

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As additional guidance, the equivalent of project.analyze_and_model() in Python clients prior to version 3 is project.set_target().

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