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Complete list of time series modeling methods in DataRobot

Complete list of time series modeling methods in DataRobot

Hi!  Could you please tell me where I can get the full list of Time series forecasting methods that Datarobot has?



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Multiple Modeling Methods, for example

● Integrated Models
● Forecast Distance Models
● Trends and Decomposition Models

Traditional, Advanced and Deep Machine Learning Techniques, for example

● XGBoost, elastic-net, etc.
● Linear trends, decompositions, facebook prophet, fourier models

Open Source Models, for example

● Facebook Prophet
● Spark
● Eureqa


DataRobot automatically creates modelling blueprints based on the data, features, and time horizons. Below is a small sample of the thousands blueprints that DataRobot is capable of building automatically based on a time series problem.

● Hierarchical blueprints
● Mean Response per Series blueprints
● Series-scaled ENT blueprints

Time Series Anomaly Detection, for example

● Bollinger Band Anomaly Detection
● Double Median Absolute Deviation Anomaly Detection
● Isolation Forest Anomaly Detection