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How do I manually Adjust the Training/Validation/Holdout %

How do I manually Adjust the Training/Validation/Holdout %

I am doing a Linear Regression and my understanding is that there is a way of going into  "Advanced Options"  and manually adjusting the Training/Validation/Holdout %. However, I cannot find the link to go into "Advanced Options". Can anyone tell me how to get to this link?


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Hey @brucesanders,

You'll find advanced options in the data tab just above the data quality assessment: 


You should be able to click it once you have set a target variable.


Hope this helps,




Hi @brucesanders - Welcome to the DataRobot Community! Thanks for the question. You can find information about the Advanced options in the public documentation,

If @IraWatt 's response answers your question, please make sure to select "Accept as Solution" so others benefit from the right answer!



@brucesanders Thank you for the question. The Advanced Options button is only visible before you press the Start button. You can attend one of the DataRobot University Foundation classes I've listed below to get a better understanding of the platform and ask questions during the classes for further clarification: