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Having issues signing in to your AI Cloud Platform Trial?

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Having issues signing in to your AI Cloud Platform Trial?

This tip is to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be having to get into your AI Cloud Platform Trial.

How do I sign up for an AI Cloud Platform Trial?

AI Cloud Platform Trial credentials are provisioned through signing up for a DataRobot Account.

To request your trial, head to and click the “Start for Free” button. From there you will be redirected to our sign-up page. Note that you will need a valid business email address to complete sign up.

On the sign up page:

  1. Enter your business email address.
  2. Enter your name and password.
  3. Optionally select to receive news about our product and services.
  4. Click “Create account”.

Within seconds of clicking “Create account”, you’ll receive an email with a verification link to log in for the first time. You must complete this step or you will not be able to access the AI Cloud Platform Trial. Don’t see the email? You can resend the invitation from the sign-up page. Once you complete this step, your DataRobot Account will be activated and you will be provisioned AI Cloud Platform Trial access.

How do I sign-in to my trial? 

From the DataRobot website click Start for Free in the upper right-hand corner. Under the header, toggle from “Sign-Up” to “Sign in” until it’s highlighted blue (shown below). Or, head directly to the platform at

I’m having issues signing in.

If you successfully signed up for an AI Cloud Platform Trial, during that process you either:

  • signed up with Google*, or
  • used your email address as your username and created a password of your choice.

If you can’t remember which, we recommend trying both and one should work. If neither works, follow the “Forgot Password?” prompts and check your email for next steps (make sure to check your spam folder).

*As of January 31, 2022, signing up with Google is no longer supported, but you can add your Google Account to your DataRobot Account after verification. Existing users who signed up with Google prior to this date may continue to sign in with Google.

I’m still having issues signing in.

Reach out to us at with a description and screenshot of what you’re experiencing, and a team member will get you unblocked ASAP.

Important Note: The DataRobot Platform (and AI Cloud Platform Trial) are optimized for the Google Chrome web browser, and other browsers are not fully supported. As a result, certain features may not work as expected on other browsers. To get the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome. 

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