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Want to Restart a Tour in the AI Cloud Platform Trial?

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee
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So you X’ed out of the helpful product tours because you wanted to explore on your own, but now you’re ready to dive back into them, huh? Don’t worry! If you want to revisit our in-app product tours while exploring AI Cloud Platform Trial, I’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re working in Data Preparation or ML Development and ML Operations, we have tours waiting for you in one easy spot: the lower, right-hand corner of the application you’re in. You should either see the Get Started button (in Data Preparation) or everyone’s favorite robot mascot (in ML Development and ML Operations).

The Explore Data Prep checklist (Figure 1) provides several helpful resources including a tour that walks you, click-by-click, through preparing a sample Learning Dataset. Similarly, the Explore DataRobot menu (Figure 2) is not only your one-stop shop for all relevant (ML Development and ML Operations) tours, but also for helpful announcements. Click the robot icon to open the menu and select Onboarding Tours at any time to launch a tour relevant to where you are in the application!

Figure 1. Explore Data Prep checklistFigure 1. Explore Data Prep checklist

Figure 2. Explore DataRobot menuFigure 2. Explore DataRobot menu

Wait, you don’t see these tours? Right now they’re available only in AI Cloud Platform Trial. Don’t have a trial account yet? Sign up here

Will you help?

We are constantly updating our tour library, so please comment below to let me know what you liked or didn't like about a tour, and what new tours would be the most helpful to you! 

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