This accelerator walks through all of the new DataRobot generative AI capabilities and serves as a template for code-first users. It showcases how to create and use playgrounds, connect vector databases and LLMs, and how to query and compare them. It uses the official DataRobot documentation as an example. Furthermore, it combines DataRobot's well-known custom model capablities to allow users to bring their own LLMs and vector databases. It shows how to link, use, and deploy them together with the ones offered by DataRobot.

Task overview

  • Create DataRobot generative AI playgrounds
  • Create DataRobot LLM-Blueprints
  • Chat prompt single LLM-Blueprints
  • Create DataRobot vector databases
  • Investigate vector database assets
  • Create LLM-Blueprints that use vector databases (RAG)
  • Create and deploy external vector databases
  • Create and deploy external LLMs
  • Validate and register external vector databases and LLMs to playgrounds
  • Comparison prompt multiple LLM-Blueprints
  • Deploy LLM-Blueprints and make predictions
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