Effective customer communication using Generative AI

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In banking and FinTech, one of the most critical communication provided to the customer is refusal of products and services like loan application rejection.


When a machine learning model predicts high loan default probability, organizations need to relay the rejection to the applicant in an effective way to sustain customer satisfaction, avoid churn and not reduce the customer lifetime value.


Effective communication also needs subject matter expertise which becomes costly if implemented at the granularity of every application. 


About this Accelerator

In this accelerator , we will see how we can integrate LLM based agents like ChatGPT with DataRobot prediction explanations to quickly implement effective customer communication in AI based workflows. 


DataRobot’s prediction explanations provide the context for prediction and the LLM agent provides the subject matter expertise to provide effective yet positive responses to adverse event predictions. This allows organizations in effectively communicating their AI based decisions with their customers while improving costs and productivity related to their expert personnel.

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