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Enable DataRobot Prime in Predict Model Section

Enable DataRobot Prime in Predict Model Section


I'm a student who is trying and learning AutoML model creations with DataRobot and my ideal idea is to deploy my models to python code.


I have seen that DataRobot have more option to deploy the models and I wanna try them (in specific DataRobot Prime which transforms the model to python).


Maybe, I think that it could be my trial account that is limited. Could I get enabled the Predict options for trying them?

Thanks, Leo.


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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @Leo - Looks like @doyouevendata gave you some tips for moving forward.

Also if you have other questions about what is/isn’t available in the trial, the table in this getting started guide explains differences between the trial and enterprise versions of DataRobot.


We have a few ways to export models;

  • Prime - rules based approximation in java/python
  • Scoring Code - java source and compiled binary
  • Portable Prediction Server (PPS) - containerized model

Apologies however, as exportable models are not available in the free AI Trial run of the application.  You can however try deploying the model, scoring data through it in both real time requests and batch processes, and observe the subsequent health/drift/accuracy stats generated via the monitored model as well.