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"Could not create destination table" Error - Snowflake

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I ran into a "Could not create destination table" Error with DataRobot and Snowflake Integration.

I think there might be a set-up/config issue. I followed the steps in the online documentation, but am wondering if there are permission issues related to the connection account(s).

I was able to connect to Snowflake and create the table with the user account.

I was able to connect to Snowflake via the data connection and return schema-table datasets for predictions using the datarobot model.

The issue is when I try to send the predictions to Snowflake schema in table format. Do I need to create the table first manually in Snowflake?

Snowflake JDBC Driver » 3.12.10


2021-03-24 (1).png2021-03-24.png








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DataRobot was able to write the table when I changed the database name in the JDBC string. It looks like there was a permissions (issue) in Snowflake with the PC_DATAROBOT_ROLE db role and user PC_DATAROBOT_USER. Closing the issue for now.