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Constraining Forecast limits

Constraining Forecast limits

Hi all,


Was wondering if there is a way to constrain your forecast to never exceed (or go below) a certain value. Like for instance, if you know your series can never go below 0, yet a model is forecasting negative values, can you adjust this in some setting or transformation? Thank you

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi adsch1,


I think Humility rules can help you to constrain forecast limits.Please read the document blew

@adsch1 yes my colleague is referring the DataRobot MLOps capability to constrain predictions within limits and that is covered in our MLOps classes of which the first is listed below:

However, if it is giving you unexpected predictions perhaps there may be changes in the data and outcomes that may require attention/retraining.

Or perhaps you may just wish to normalize your data to remove the negative values.


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