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Custom Objects in Keras Model

Custom Objects in Keras Model

For one of my keras networks, I'm using a custom loss. Normally when I load the model I have to do something like: 

model = load_model(modelFile, custom_objects={ 'loss': custom_loss_func})

 Where the modelFile is the model that's saved as an h5 file. How would I deploy this type of model on DataRobot?

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If you want to use this model as part of a blueprint for the purposes of model building, you can import it as a custom estimator task and modify a potentially existing Keras blueprint by swapping this in.


If this model is one that you already have trained and you want to monitor it in MLOps, you can import it as a custom model.


For both situations, the "load_model" function would go in a specific file called "".

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