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Downloaded Predictions do not Match Targets

Downloaded Predictions do not Match Targets

I trained on the following data, and uploaded my Test File to see predictions from the model.  The Targets in my data are -1, 0, and 1.  But the predictions are fractional numbers, like 0.01, 0.50, etc.  I used all defaults on the first model, which had high confidence.  I am expecting the predictions to more or less match my original Targets.  What am I doing wrong?  

Training Data (80,000 rows, only showing Feature 31-35)
Training Data (showing last features and target)Training Data (showing last features and target)

Test Data (same, fewer rows)

Test Data for validationTest Data for validation

Downloaded predictions from the model after uploading Test Data

Downloaded prediction file.Downloaded prediction file.

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Modification:  I changed my Target to only predict 1 or 0 so it would run CLASSIFICATION models.  After training, I provided the same Test data and the prediction for all rows is 0.  This data is sparse, in that there may only be 10 or 20 occurrences of a specific  combination of features in the data that predicts a "1".  But there are many such combinations in the 80,000 rows.  What model should I use to find these sub-predictions?

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