Geospatial analytics

Geospatial analytics

Whether datarobot can be used for geospatial data analytics. Any use cases available

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Some DataRobot use cases can be explored via our Pathfinder tool, although I did not find any geospatial ones at present from a quick search.  However, we do have some examples in the community which leverage Location AI and geospatial data.


DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform: House Listings Demo

DataRobot Location AI for AutoML 



Hi Shri, yes Data Robot can be used for geospatial data analytics. Here is a link to the docs on Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA).


Shown below is the Kernel density map of a Insurance Claims dataset aggregated by count: 


ESDA has numerous use cases as it allows you see how each feature in your data relates to its spatial location on a geospatial Map. Here we have 'drivers age' from the same dataset on our geospatial Map:


Full use cases have already been linked by @doyouevendata