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How it work´s Features known in time series model "retail"?

How it work´s Features known in time series model "retail"?

We´re a bussiness retail, the case is next:


We would like to predict the beer category, training data are:


  • Daily date (01 junuary 2019 - 30 may 2021).
  • Inventory (pieces or units)
  • Sale price per unit.
  • Daily sales. 
  • "id ITEM" (10 products).
  • average sale per store
  • Days of inventory.

We would like to predict 01 june 2021 - 30 september 2021 per product, per day.


The question are two:


1.- How impact´s if i set a "Features known" at training time, it´s modify the forecast like a "what if"? 


2.- How to create different scenarios if my price change? Example: "Corona beer" sales price is $52, per piece, if we change it to $46 now, which is te new forecast?


thanks for you support and help friends.






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the datarobot pathfinder site has lots of different use case, some for time series modeling too


and theres this blog (looks a little older but I think it's still good)

good luck!