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oauth Connection to Snowflake

oauth Connection to Snowflake

Hi Team,


I am trying to Connect Snowflake to DataRobot, where as in snowflake we only allow sso access. I am trying to find tutorial for Datarobot with Snowflake oauth Connection but cannot find any. Can any body please suggest a tutorial link or blog where I can connect datarobot with Snowflake with oauth.


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Lorcan , could you clarify which type of DataRobot deployment you are using?:

  • DataRobot SaaS ( ,
  • DataRobot Trial/Self-service (
  • DataRobot on premise / VPC (Your own domain)

Generally speaking, Python Client is available for all the three deployment types above. But this particular feature (Extern OAuth for Snowflake) is only available for DataRobot SaaS (the first one) at the moment.

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Hi @HajimeO,

I am using



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@Lorcan Then I think you have a valid subscription and should be able use the feature. Please reach out to DataRobot support contact and ask to enable it for your account. 

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