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refreshing models on schedule?

refreshing models on schedule?

Hello. How often should I expect to have to retrain/refresh my models? Is that something I can anticipate and schedule for?

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Hey @annapeters0n ,

The short answer is it depends on your model usage. Here is a quick article to read on model maintenance:

Luckily, Data Robot has a solution to help figure out when you should probably re-train your model through the "Data Drift" feature. 

Data Robot can tell you which of your model deployments are "At Risk" or "Failing" for Data Drift and that is usually a good indicator that the model might need to be re-trained/refreshed/investigated. In our experience it is kind of hard to anticipate/schedule for in advance but you can setup alerts to notify you when the model is at risk/failing for data drift. One of the things our team has planned to work on is automating the process of getting a data drift alert from data robot and automatically re-train/deploy the model based on some additional criteria.