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Uipath and DataRobot case studies?

Uipath and DataRobot case studies?

Hello everyone. I am new to the community and would like to enhance my data science courses with furthering my education with recent case studies with Uipath and DataRobot being utilized in the financial markets and medical field. Any links or resources would be gladly apperciated.

Thank you and happy holidays.


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Hi datamike79, 

 You can request access to this webinar to learn how American Fidelity utilized UiPath and DataRobot to implement intelligent process automation across their organization :


It's not a direct match with finance or medicine, but I can ask around to see if there are any more resources we can share with you. 


Happy holidays, 





Hi MIke,

A frequent use case with RPA and ML working in tandem is when building intelligent email routing systems. You can imagine a client-facing department in a large enterprise that receives +10K emails per day. Even if you have a small army dealing with all those emails (manually classifying and forwarding to the correct internal team), there is a more efficient way... Enter an intelligent email routing system with ML+RPA.

Very simply, you could use your historical emails to train a multiclass ML model to predict which team any new incoming email should be classified to-- then the RPA bot could actually forward those emails to the team. This allows for teams to actually focus on helping clients and solve their problems rather than spending hours sorting emails. It's a very simple but elegant solution to a challenging manual task.

RPA & ML are incredibly powerful together! 

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@datamike79   datamike79,  I hope you had a great Holiday!  You can also read up on some of the Datarobot Healthcare Use Cases and Case studies where our Healthcare customers are leveraging the Datarobot platform with some great business results.



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