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Where the information on my model F1 score?

Where the information on my model F1 score?


I want to chose the model which have the best F1 score, where can I find out which is the best model using F1 score as metrics OR where can I get my model's F1 score



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You can sort your leaderboard of generated models by various metrics (LogLoss, AUC, RMSE, etc.). The F1 score for a binary classifier is available under a specific model; expand one on your leaderboard and choose Evaluate -> ROC Curve and you will see it along with many other metrics.  You can see it in the top left of this image.

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 12.05.23 AM.png


The score itself is not simply an attribute of the model however; it is a result of where a threshold is applied to label a prediction for the positive or negative class.  Thus you will see it change as you apply different threshold values.


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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @michaelt79 - Happy to try to help you with that.

You can see the F1 Score for a selected model in the ROC Curve display, as shown below (the numbered steps just show how to get to this display):


You can have a look at the  in-app doc for this display. 

and if you want select to compare multiple models:


(and the doc for model comparison tab is here 

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