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To post a question, navigate to Connect and click Ask a Question. 




Here are some tips to creating questions that get helpful answers, quickly.

  1. Make sure the title is clear and concise to give community members helpful context about your question.
  2. Select the location that best aligns to your question: Platform, AI Cloud Platform Trial, or General.
  3. Select the labels that best describe the nature of your question. 
  4. Now, write up your question! Make sure to include as much related information as possible to help members help you. Some information to add to the question: your use case, what you're trying to do, what you're seeing (in the UI or code), how you're accessing the platform (for example, are you a Trial user?), and screenshots and code snippets scrubbed of your personal information.
  5. Ready? Click Post--you and other members will find your question in the selected forum and in the Latest Activity list.

Now what?

You will be automatically subscribed to your own question, so you'll get notifications when other members reply. Make sure to watch your question and reply to responses from members. Like/kudo replies to show your appreciation! And, when a response solves your question, select Accept as Solution so that other users benefit from this help.


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