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Welcome to the DataRobot Community!

We are so thrilled to share our community with you as we are so passionate about empowering and connecting people together to share deep AI/ML insights intuitively, accurately, and with alacrity. Our community has been built with you in mind. You can use this peer-to-peer channel to gain valuable insights, collaborate, innovate, learn, grow, and obtain support on DataRobot products and services.

Our goals are to make this "your" community and a fun place to hang out. Using this guide will help you quickly get up to speed and productive. We hope you find it a useful, fun, and handy reference during your great experiential journey through the community.

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Start a discussion, ask a question, share your responses, and search for answers. Help your peers find new and cool ways to get answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.
Read resources or watch learning sessions and give your feedback or ask questions.

Provide your help and feedback on open discussions and unanswered questions.

New member checklist:

Community Guide

Check out these community areas to get the most out of your DataRobot Community experience.

This guide! Here is your starting place for quickly getting up to speed in the community. You will find links to resources and links to suggestions for improving your experience on the community.  
Community Resources This is where you will find resources to help get you started quickly. We are continually working to create new content, integrating your ideas, and always striving to improve your experience.  

DataRobot University

Provides education and resources to help DataRobot users understand best practices for accomplishing their model-building tasks. There are learning paths and quests specific to the needs of data scientists and business analysts, and certification exams. Check out what's here and try out some learning resources.

More DataRobot Resources

DataRobot Public Documentation—Read platform and API docs, detailed tutorials, and more.
DataRobot University—Training for all DataRobot users.
DataRobot Pathfinder—Library of AI use cases that help you understand how to solve business problems with AI and DataRobot—Learn about our company by visiting our corporate site.
DataRobot ResourcesRegardless of where you are on your data science and machine learning journey, you can find assets here that help maximize your growth and ensure your success. 
DataRobot Wiki—Learn AI and ML terminology and definitions.
DataRobot Blog—Read our latest blog or catch up on older blog posts.
DataRobot Webinar—View upcoming webinars or access On-Demand Webinars.


Again, we welcome you and look forward to your participation in the community!

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